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Would you be interested in PyhonEd?
Yes, i program in python as well as php
 50%  [ 6 ]
Well, that could be useful
 8%  [ 1 ]
Nusphere, please, don't waste you resources on it
 41%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 12


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Yes, i know that name of the product is _PHP_ed however lately i've been doing a lot of python work and since PHPed is the tool i know and like so much i just stick to it.

Phped already supports code highlighting i hope you will one day start adding more features eg code folding (which is really easy with python strict indentation rules). Python overall is a lot stricter then php so it should be much easier to do code suggest for it too.

There're IDEs on the market with a proper support of this language however they all have the same downside as other php IDEs: being non native (java), slow and ugly.

Please consider extending your product in this direction or perhaps repackage it as PythonEd, that would be awesome.
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Agreed, of all the IDEs I've used over the years PHPed is my favourite, it has so many useful features and it just works. I've always been happy to pay for PHPed. I've even stuck with Windows though PHPed is the ONLY reason I use it anymore. But lately I have given up on PHP ever being a strong language and switched over to Python. I would love to keep paying NuSphere for a quality product but without support for more languages I will have to move on and find something else. Maybe KomodoIDE, it's not anywhere near as good as PHPed, but at least it has Python support in multiple OSes.
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