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Update and Commit options

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When I started working here I had never used PHPED before. Everything was already set up for me so I have had no problems. A bunch of files were moved today so I created a new project and made the Top Publishing Directory point to the location of the new files. I then downloaded the project and have all the files that I need. The only problem being that when I right click on the project and go to the Shell Menu options I do not see the SVN update or SVN Commit options. They are replaced with the SVN Checkout option. I am new to PHPED and received no help when I started working here. Am I forgetting a step. What do I need to do to get the update and commit options? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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If it says checkout instead of update and so on, you probably forgot to download the .svn/ folders everywhere. It is best to do an actual checkout to start with instead of downloading the files, the svn folders are "personal".
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Update and Commit options
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