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Tool to Monitor (& Folow Tail) Any Log Files (Apache, My

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As we know, log viewer is a very important tool for PHP developers. In my opinion, one of the best log viewer is BareTail (easy to use, fast, and supports keyword highlighting and multiple log files). It has a tab for every monitored log file.

I always use Baretail while using Nusphere. As usual, I'd end up with more than 3 extra windows open on my machine cluttering up the taskbar.

I hope Nusphere would integrate an embedded "Any Log Viewer" to do things similar to Baretail (the free version). The viewer adds a view to Nusphere that allows any log files (e.g Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL) to be monitored for changes (similar to the Unix tail utility).

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Personally I find that PhpED is "fat" enough already. I hope they'll concentrate on getting the core functionality expanded first. There are a lot of loganalyzers and viewers out there that do a better job than implementing some half ass solution in phped will ever do. But that's my idea. I prefer tools that specialize in something and are awesome at that above a knowitall tool that is mediocre.
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I agree with this request (adding any log viewer). PHPEd already has a log viewer anyway. They just have to add external files view capability and some interesting features.
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I think Blizz is right here, the core functionality is more important, for me this would be

support for PHP 5.3 (I bet Namespaces are gonna cause Dimitri-an-Co a headache)
Proper inteli-type for phpDoc
More support for integration scripts (perhaps some form of Dialog box builder to gather parameters before firing the script)

Besides, I'm not sure how most other folks work, but our development/testing is done on a dedicated linux box - unless your server is local the tail would be useless.
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I'll go along with Kelvin and Blizz. I've never considered 'cluttering the taskbar' to be a reason for adding a feature that belongs in one app to a different app.

Personally, I just open a local or remote shell window and run tail -f (or tail -f | grep ... if needed).
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Tool to Monitor (& Folow Tail) Any Log Files (Apache, My
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