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Tool bar debug access

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Can you include the chrome toolbar extension for phpEd in the installation package, maybe as an option to install?

This may help first time users of phpEd that debug with chrome rather than IE, however i'm not sure if its possible to install direct into chrome of if it can only be installed from the play store?
Maybe add a link in phpEd "help" menu to the app instead?

Searching the play store for phped doesn't find the extension. Maybe this should also be corrected?

I find this extension a 'must have' for phped.

I'm not sure if the IE toolbar is included already?
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Thank you for posting this link. I agree completely with your suggestion. I was disappointed that the toolbar wasn't installed with PhpED and went to the chrome store and did a search for PhpED. When nothing came back, I assumed there was no toolbar for Chrome and was disappointed. Luckily, I found your post and it has been a life saver!

Please add this as an install option with PhpED and also, if you can, have the toolbar in the chrome web store come up when you search for PHP ed.
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Just to clarify for other readers of this thread:

The debug toolbar can be convenient for some people and it would be great for PhpED to implement toolbars for various browsers, but you do not need the toolbar to do any debugging. I belive all it does is create the cookie to start the debugger, which can be done in various other convenient ways. The toolbar does have a very slight convenience in that it can be told work on the next page or POST.

I rarely use the debug toolbar, I always kick off a debug from PhpED (to any page in the site; doesn't matter which one) then refresh any other page that I already have open and want to debug; the cookie gets seen and kicks into action. You can also switch off the debugger like this by doing a normal run from PhpED, then the cookie gets changed to not debug.

Works with all browsers and the only thing to watch for is the ?DEBUGSESSID on the end of your URLs.
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Tool bar debug access
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