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Should NuSphere provide UltraSQL for free ?
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Techplatform 3.4 Startup problem under Win XP

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I have succesfully completed the installation process of your techplatform 3.4, and rebooted my computer. But afterthat I can't manage to have the platform starting up either from the "Launch Admin" utility or even "Apache Start". Both of them end of crashing (open MS command window, wait few seconds and disappear without messages).

In my first try to start this platform, I was getting an error when Apache was starting such as "Failed to start Apache", "c:\Program Files\Nusphere\TechPlat\apache\apache.exe", "System error:the system cannot find the file specified" ... but it doesn't say which file for what !. Afterwards, I have been looking into the httpd.conf and other Apache config files, as well as php.ini just to make sure nothing is strange or erroneous. I found out that some path, would probably not work under windows, with the famous "Program Files", with a space character between "Program" and "Files". Some of the path in config files (especially php.ini) are given with "quotes", therefore there might be some problem when they will be interpreted by the exe. So I have modified by correcting the "Program Files" parts of path into "Progra~1" which is what we commonly see. Still after that, I don't see any error message, but I don't see Apache starting either !.

I used to run the Tech Platform 3.1, it was great and had everything including, that's too bad that MySQL changed their policy and forced you to remove it from your platform. Hopefully we'll gain more from PostGreSQL, if ever the Techplatform starts.

Do you have idea, recommendations ?
Thanks in advance, appreciate your help.

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Techplatform 3.4 Startup problem under Win XP
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