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Switching run kind between CLI and HTML

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In the Run Menu, there is the ability to indicate the Run Kind, switching between HTTP and CLI. However, I've done something somehow that has caused that to go missing. If I go to customize the toolbars/menu, in the commands tab, under Run, I can see an entry for Run Kind, but it has parenthesis around it and it doesn't appear I can do anything to change that.

I've searched the Settings and don't see a way to change anything related to this.

In the Project Properties Settings Wizard, on the second page of the wizard, it has checkboxes to indicate HTTP or CLI (or both by checking them both). Changing these doesn't seem to do anything other than tell the wizard what to check later on in the wizard's process.

Several versions back, PhpEd used to automatically switch the run type based on these two checkboxes in the wizard. In other words, if I indicated one project was solely HTTP and another project solely CLI, then when I switched between the projects, running the project did the right thing (opened a browser if HTTP and a command window if CLI).

I've been living with having to manually indicate the project which I wanted when debugging (HTTP or CLI) prior to running by going to the run menu and selecting HTTP or CLI. However, now that ability has dissappeared.

How do I get the Run menu items back, and is there a way to let the project settings switch between HTTP and CLI automatically like it used to?
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Switching run kind between CLI and HTML
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