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Suggestion: Code Template Tab

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I think a Code Template Tab on the right hand side (as an option of course) would be very useful.

In this tab all the Code Templates that relate to the document in question would be displayed, double clicking on the name of the Code Template would insert it at the cursor point.
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Yep, common theme here.

This is not the first, no the last to request such a feature.

Yes, yes, I know; ctl-J gives me the "snippets", but that's not the same, nor is import/export add/delete all that straigh forward either.

But then, some of us are never happy! Wink

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I'm not sure what you're about. Tab is already there.

The PHP IDE team
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It's under Code Snippets.. View > Tabs > Code Snippets.

TBH it confused the hell out of me when they moved the location. I agree it isn't exactly the most intuitive setup..

What would be nice is if you could highlight, right click and define snippet > subcategory.. that would be very helpful for rapidly adding things

The idea of a true template would be interesting to see.. actual way to somehow define a template with vars, when you add the template you set the vars to auto replace in it. TBH though not that big of a deal, wouldn't really save any time.. if something is big enough to require actual "template" features, you should have variables set in the snippet itself.
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Suggestion: Code Template Tab
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