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Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:03 am
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mailnet_uk, please share how you were able to do that, cuz I could definitely use it, and have requested it for some time now.

Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:00 am
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I agree. All three of those are great suggestions.

Thu Jul 17, 2008 1:52 pm
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like anno said, even if it were implemented just for the super globals, i'd be happy.

Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:55 pm
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actually, you should be able to use the current code template system exactly as you desire.

The "name" section of the code templates can be though of as the shortcut. For example, there ...

Tue May 13, 2008 7:37 am
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2 gilzow: I know how to create and use code templates Smile I just want to add my custom language (i.e. MyPHP) with custom set of templates. And assign SPACE in place of Ctrl+J. That's it.

OH. My apo ...

Mon May 12, 2008 10:15 am
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You can easily get the same behaviour in PhpEd. You need to create a "code template". To get to the code templates, go to the Tools menu, Settings. Then on the left hand side of the Sett ...

Thu May 08, 2008 12:47 pm
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From your example code, it doesnt appear that you are using the phpdoc syntax correctly, which is why PhpEd isnt picking up your functions to include in the auto complete functionality.

http://manu ...

Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:44 am
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Actually, it is quite easy to do what you are wanting. In the Tools menu, go to Accounts. Set up your remote server as a new FTP, SFTP or WebDav account. Once you've entered in your information and ...

Mon Apr 14, 2008 12:39 pm
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I too would like to know if this is possible.

Mon Apr 07, 2008 8:36 am
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This might sound like a dumb question, but do you actually have the IT.php file at C:\Program Files\nusphere\phped\php5\PEAR\HTML\Template\ ? I know in my default NuSphere installation HTML_Template_ ...

Thu Mar 27, 2008 8:39 am
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I find the new (phpEd 5.2+) way of switching between the list of open files very annoying. Is there a way to switch back to arrrows?

Agreed. I would like to know how to switch back to the arrows a ...

Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:46 am
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Unfortunately it can't be disabled because it is not a shortcut. I'm sorry, such things as double-clicks can hardly be called shortcuts...

Well except that double-clicking on a document tab IS a sh ...
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