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Wed Jan 25, 2006 10:15 am
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I've found my first error, I had a space on the end of the nusoap.php, so the header information couldn't be sent.

Now, I have to following error, but I can't find a solution:

Fault: Array ( [fa ...

Tue Jan 24, 2006 8:10 am
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i'm trying to run the basic example of NuSOAP.
NuSOAP ==> 0.6.1

On server-side i've got this:


$server = new soap_server;
$server->reg ...

Mon Jan 23, 2006 7:25 am
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In webservices i'm a total newbie. I need to make a webservice for my job, and so i started to surf the internet for information and i came up with nusoap.

i tried the examples but i allways get an ...
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