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Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:39 am
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My default "Find Text' setting is for the Origin "From Cursor".
Now, when I select a block of text and I do want to replace some chars in that block of s ...

Mon Aug 04, 2008 1:55 am
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Try to set the breakpoint on the Switch statement .......

Sun Aug 03, 2008 10:30 am
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I also found another BUG when I try to set a breakpoint at a Switch ($n) in:

Switch ($n) {
case 1: break;
case 2: break;

The debug show a red line (so I expect it will break when it passe ...

Mon Jul 28, 2008 8:20 am
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When I split my line of code into more line i.e.

$Var =
'A' .

I have to set the breakpoint at 'B'; to let the debugger stop.........

Sun Jun 29, 2008 9:09 am
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Is it possible with PHPED to let the debugger stop when a value of a given var changes somewhere in my scripts?
I don't know the value of the var.

The var could be ANY value which changes so the g ...

Tue Jun 10, 2008 1:31 am
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Exact ... multiple rows of tabs would be very nice.

Mon Jun 09, 2008 4:31 am
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[quote="dmitri"]We'll include this into development plans.[/quote]
Is this already included in the newest version of PHPEd or is it still in 'plan'

Tue May 20, 2008 8:35 am
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Is phpExpress available for iSeries platform?
If yes, what release should OS/400 be at?


Mon Mar 31, 2008 9:49 am
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In the NuSphere PhpED v5.2.0 - Change Log I read the "Check for new version Online" was implemented.
Does anybody knows where this option is hidden in PhpED 5.2 Build 5218?

Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:54 am
Replies: 10
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Scubaticus, is it version 5.2 you're talking about or what?
If it is 5.2, would you please illustrate your post with a scrrenshot?

Sorry, but we are still at 5.0. Because we are dependent of our S ...

Wed Mar 19, 2008 5:46 am
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>But when I have several thousand results returned with only 3 of them actually containing useful information I find the product less usable and more annoying >and I'm less likely to recommend i ...

Mon Feb 11, 2008 4:37 am
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I'm still getting VERY frustrated when debugging a script. I want to see the value of vars defined but not automatically when i hover over it.

When the cursor for example is in the middle of a scri ...
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