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request: file-sets (groups) for editing

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Hi there,

I love this editor.. but there's one thing I would really love to see in a future version.

And that's the ability to associate a given set of files to a group so that I can reopen those files as a group for editing.

The issue is the site I'm working on is really huge and has tons of files and folders.. and certain files have a strong relation to each other but are quite spread out accross the folder structure. It would be great if I could associate them to a group so that if I want to work on them I don't have to find them again in the editor and open them manually.

let me know if this is somehow already doable.

The alternative I've found for doing this right now is to make myself a sort of sitemap file which has include() links to all the groups of file.. and then I can use the extremely useful right-click "open file at cursor"

similar to this :

// Group 1

// Group 2
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I use different projects to do that. I have a large Intranet site that I have setup as its own workspace. In the Intranet I have different modules that for the most part stand by themselves. So in the workspace I create separate projects for each module, I then add the files for that module into the project. I do this for each module, and then I create what I call the launch project, and that holds the entrance and startup framework of our intranet (i.e. index.php). That is the project that I activate. By doing it that way, it doesnt matter what file in what project I happen to be working on, when I hit F9 it launches that the proper front end file for testing.

Do you think that would work for you?

Oh, and if you are wondering, I do have other projects besides the Intranet, and for those I create separate Workspaces.
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request: file-sets (groups) for editing
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