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Region code folding

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This may have to go into the new feature forum, but I wasnt completely sure if something didnt already exist. In Visual Studio, there is a Region tag that can be used in your code to code fold regions that I can define.


#region Common
#region Declarations
  public foo;
  private foo;

#region Common Methods
  public void method1(){}
  public void method2(){}

Is this example, I can fold either of the 2 inner regions, or the whole thing with the outer region. Anything like this exist?
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Not there as far as I know. And I wish they'd add it. You can also do it in Dreamweaver.
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Something similar is possible

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From documentation on

Any PHP script is built out of a series of statements. A statement can be an assignment, a function call, a loop, a conditional statement or even a statement that does nothing (an empty statement). Statements usually end with a semicolon. In addition, statements can be grouped into a statement-group by encapsulating a group of statements with curly braces. A statement-group is a statement by itself as well. The various statement types are described in this chapter.

In other words, the following code is valid PHP code:


echo 'Hello World';
{ //polite stuff
    echo ", it's nice to meet you.\n";
    echo "May I be of service?\n";

The curly braces define a statement group similar to when used with if, else, foreach, etc. It does not create a new variable scope, but can be used to format/organize code in some arbitrary way. Statement groups can contain almost anything (assuming nest conventions are followed). Some things that can't be used inside statement blocks are: namespace, use, (global) const, and __halt_compiler().

Anything in curly braces will have a fold mark in PhpED. That includes statement groups which then function just as one would hope/expect. One feature that would be nice is if PhpED showed the comment immediately after the starting brace while the group is folded. One can even make a shortcut to create a foldable statement group using code snippets in PhpED. For example, the following template could be created and assigned to the keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+B
{// my_custom_code_block

Thereafter one could highlight a block of code then hit Ctrl+Alt+B to wrap the highlighted statements in curly braces, creating a statement group.
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Region code folding
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