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Publish to a network/local folder

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I cant seem to find it anywhere in docs or this forum, but i need to publish my projects to FTP and also in some circumstances to a network drive. The setup is as follows

Remote test server: FTP
Remote LIVE server: network drive over VPN (so, just a new drive letter i map)

i have 2 projects in my workspace, one for the remote server, and one for the live server. Both have their project root set to the same folder.
Publishing to the test server (via FTP) works perfectly, however i now need to publish to the live server but cant set an account up for Local files.

Either there is a way to do it and i just cant find it, or i need to setup an FTP server on my clients machine just so i can upload to it.
Any help is greatly appreciated!

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As far as I know this feature has been requested, but has not been implemented yet.

I worked around the issue using my local cygwin installation to run an ftp server for the remote drive letter. Note that you will not be able to run the cygwin ftp/sftp server as a service since remote drive letters seem to be assigned in user space, so system services can't see them.

Obviously if you don't have cygwin installed this might be a bit of work. I found it took me a couple of hours to figure out the first time, but saved a bit of time during development.
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I requested this sometime ago, our live NAS server is Window's based so the solution was "ideal" - but if your front servers are linux based like ours, then be warned we ended up having permission issues, we're now using FTP and its removed a lot of the issues we had.
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Publish to a network/local folder
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