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Product Update Schedule

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In the process of evaluating PHPed.

I read elsewhere you do 2 major updates a year (please correct me if I am wrong). How often do you offer small service updates (if at all). If so, are the service updates available to those without the subscription? Sorry for nit-picking, but I am a small business.

Your program is very nice, I can see that it will pay for itself quickly for those that write large amounts in PHP. While I have seen a few shortcomings, overall I think you guys have done a great job!!

Zany Dog
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I'd better show you how it was in the past.
Approximately Smile :
phped 2.4 (expo version) - January 2002
phped 3.0 - May 2002
phped 3.0 update pack #1 - July 2002
phped 3.1 - October 2002
phped 3.1 update pack #1 - December 2002
phped 3.1 update pack #2 - March 2003
phped 3.2 - June 2003
phped 3.2 update pack #1 - August 2003
All update packs to versions prior to 3.2
were provided for money or under
subscription (phped advantage).

Phped 3.2/update pack #1 is available for free to all customers who purchased 3.2 or who being phped advantage customers obtained it under subscription.

Don't miss $50-license opportunity. We sell additional licenses for $50 only.
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Product Update Schedule
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