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Problem with cursor key usage?

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Hi all,
I'm trying to get a javascript auto-complete text box working.

The code I've got works beautifully in IE 7.0 (not sure about firefox), so I thought it would work great in PHPdock. It works by not only showing the range of matching keywords, but also allowing the mouse to be used to select the specific option, or use the up/down cursor keys to navigate the list of matching options, and then enter/tab to select one.

However, in IE, if you're in an INPUT field, and press "down cursor", the cursor stays in the input box.

In PHPDock, it's moving the focus out of the INPUT field to somewhere else (i can't see it or work out where, however). And as the cursor has moved onto somewhere else, the autocomplete stops working. I'm not using any TABINDEX parameters or other javascript that uses the cursor keys.

Anyone else seeing this problem of the cursor moving out of the current input box?

Here's a simple code to demonstrate it. When you've got PHPdock running, open your browser to http://localhost:8001/test.html, and you'll see that it works OK on IE. Just tested this page on firefox, and firefox also keeps the cursor in the textbox when you press "down cursor"

<input name="a">
<input name="b">

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Problem with cursor key usage?
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