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Problem when passing integer value

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i am new baby to nusoap, i had problem when i pass integer to server, server receive null value. i don't know what's wrong with that. Anyone help me

this is my server code

// Create the server instance
$server = new soap_server();
// Initialize WSDL support
$server->configureWSDL('hellowsdl', true);
// Register the method to expose
$server->register('authhello',                // method name
    array('name1' =>'xsd:int',
        'name2'=>'xsd:int'),        // input parameters
    array('return'=>'xsd:int'),      // output parameters
    $ns,                      // namespace
    '',                // soapaction
    'rpc',                                // style
    'enclosed',                            // use
    'Says hello to the caller'            // documentation

function authhello($name,$name1) {
        return $name+$name1;

this is my client code


// Pull in the NuSOAP code

// Create the client instance

$client = new nusoap_client('http://localhost/example/n_soap_server1.php?wsdl', true);
// Check for an error

$err = $client->getError();

if ($err) {
    // Display the error
    echo '<h2>Constructor error</h2><pre>' . $err . '</pre>';
    // At this point, you know the call that follows will fail

$result = $client->call('authhello', array('num1'=>10,'num2'=>20));

if ($client->fault) {
      echo '<h2>Fault</h2><pre>';
      echo '</pre>';
   } else {
      // Check for errors
      $err = $client->getError();
      if ($err) {
         // Display the error
         echo '<h2>Error</h2><pre>' . $err . '</pre>';
      } else {
         // Display the result
         echo '<h2>Result</h2><pre>';
         echo '</pre>';
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Problem when passing integer value
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