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phped and github

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Do you guys have any idea about how to upload files to github using phped?

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What I have done in the past is use third party tools such as msysgit to work with the repo since PhpED does not natively support git.

I have found that the command line tools have been much more stable and powerful than the GUI git tools under Windows.
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perhaps you can add simple hooks to invoke the tools from the IDE directly, something similar to what was suggested here:

The PHP IDE team
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This can absolutely be done. I wrote the integration with mercurial and a similar technique was used successfully using WinGit when I was exploring it (around 4 month ago). I was going to write a tutorial on it but now I mostly use a combination of SmartGit and mysgit in command line to do my git work, so I can't remember how I set up Git with PHPEd. I think the key lies with using WinGit's main app rather than trying to run individual commands. If you study how WinSVN and WinGit work you'll notice it runs everything through a main program.

Using msysgit might work too, but I think it's alot harder. If I have time I may try it again as an experiment and post the results here.

Btw, another thing to consider is using msysgit's bash scripting to just do a simple shell script that will "git push" to GitHub, and invoking that from PHPEd's integration tools.
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phped and github
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