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phpDock with shared php core files

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I think it would be great if phpDock was more platform independent. I would love to be able to deploy my php apps on windows/linux and MAC.

Another thing about phpDock is that it should make use shared php libs. For example:

Let's say I deploy a phpdock add that uses php 4.4. The system should install my php4.4 core files into c:\program files\phpdock\libs\php4.4.0 and my user defined extensions and php ini in my application folder. In another app was deployed using php 5.2 then the core php files will be placed in c:\program files\phpdock\libs\php5.2.0.

This way multiple phpDock applications can share the php core files without having to install multiple copies of the same core inside the application folder. In the event that a developer really wants his/her apps to be installed using a standalone core then there should be an option for that.

The basic idea is that the apps are still packaged with the php core files for deployment but it can be made to install them either as standalone or as shared libs. If it found an existing shared library then it should not install it's php library files.
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phpDock with shared php core files
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