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dmitri wrote:
Fibers in debugger - debugger works. Volunteers are welcome if they want to try before the release.

Well, I probably won't be too helpful as beta tester as I'm not using anything too specific (profiler I do though), but if you can please share a pre-release with especially Fibers support, would be happy to get hands on it, thanks!
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Sorry for asking - but what's the use case for me to use built-in chromium instead of 3rd party tool?
Does it somehow better integrate for javascript or PHP testing with chrome/Edge/Opera/Brave browsers ? (all based on chromium core)

I see the primary value of PhpEd in it's debugging capabilities.
It's really a pity to hold back whole release and support for PHP 8.1 for weeks - just for one single-purpose third party tool.
I believe many users are waiting for PHP 8.1 support, while upgrade for chromium v99 is not of primary value & can be done in any following release.
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In many cases built-in browsers improve productivity. After all what is an IDE? Isn't in an integrated something? Technically you can use notepad-alike editor, external browsers, external cli debugging tools etc. But they wouldn't bring the same value even if they bring the same features. This value all about level of comfort and productivity.
As of delay, it's not the only feature that blocks the release. We have some unfinished work related to openssl 1.1.1 upgrade and built-in ssh client. As of Chromium, I hope to resolve it soon.

The PHP IDE team
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I do enjoy using the built-in Chrome browser as well so having that be upgraded is good to hear.

An annoying issue I've had for several versions now ends up occurring whenever virtual memory usage increases on my machine (I tend to run a lot of web browser tabs in my regular Chrome instance for various things I'm looking at, and even with 32 GB of RAM things still end up needing to get swapped into virtual memory after having my machine on for several weeks).

The problem with virtual memory and phpEd however is that it causes a popup to appear within the program (informing you about virtual memory getting low) and typically once it pops up it will then persistently start popping up every few seconds. Also, it's difficult to tell but sometimes if it started popping up after I've stepped away from my machine for the day and come back to it later, it feels like there have been many popups that have been queued and then start getting displayed after I click ok on the first popup (although this could simply be the internal check within phpEd running again and resulting in the subsequent popups). Suffice to say, it's pretty annoying since it makes it difficult to do any sort of work in phpEd once this starts happening and I tend to have to close it and maybe even go through the extra effort of rebooting my machine as well to get things back to normal.

A separate request I had shared some years back which fell on deaf ears is related to a small UI improvement (there was a time where I had to make use of the To Upper Case and To Lower Case options within the Edit menu and I wanted to use the the keyboard shortcuts instead (which are hidden in the manual somewhere). I don't know why it would be so hard to list the needed keyboard shortcut there in the Edit menu for users, but it's those types of small improvements that can probably be implemented without too much effort by the team that long-time users of phpEd would love to have implemented as well as the "bigger" features that are generally focused on instead.

What I generally find difficult when continuing to want to use phpEd for my future projects is that tools like PHP Storm or VS Code are being used by the top PHP developers in all of their online videos/talks, and the various open source tooling around them aren't tailored for phpEd's debugger, and there really isn't an active effort being made to blog about the ways you can implement or use the same tools and workflow with phpEd (it's kind of a complicated topic, but it would be nice to see support for that type of tooling I guess but in the integrated way we've come to enjoy from phpEd).

For example, I'd love to write more PHP packages, but I don't really feel super comfortable with the process and managing the process afterwards, so having some nice tooling for things like that and ensuring that some of the different PSRs are being followed correctly (e.g. PSR-12 let's say) might be handy to have as built-in things?

A faster development cycle would be helpful too, but might be difficult if the team size is limited right now.

I still look forward to new releases from phpEd, but in general there doesn't seem to be a ton of new awesomeness that comes in the newer releases (or it's hard to know how to use the newer features) so I just wish there was more reason to renew license subscriptions other than minor version updates of the things that come bundled with phpEd (for example, right now my license is out of renewal but I didn't renew because there hadn't been a significant new release that's arrived since I renewed early last year).

I still love phpEd because it was the main PHP IDE I started to use that made it finally easy to get started with debugging a PHP project way back when when I first tried it out (the wizard functionality that helps make that easy is a big part of that now).

What I don't like about debugging from a recent project, is that with a Laravel Livewire project it got difficult to track things using my regular phpEd debugging workflow (possibly because all of the Livewire requests resulted in AJAX calls that started up new debugging sessions) so I ended up having to make use of the Laravel dd() ("dump and die") functionality a lot more, which kind of defeated the purpose of having the more powerful phpEd debugger available.
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Asking again...

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So... can we expect the PHP 8.1 support any time soon?

Thanks again.
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Re: Asking again...

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garsax wrote:
So... can we expect the PHP 8.1 support any time soon?

Thanks again.

Seems like .. NO Sad
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Any idea when PHP 8.1 will be supported - are we talking weeks or months?

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PHP 8.1 support
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