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Periodically save settings!

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If I change a setting, or a snippet, etc., and my PC crashes before i exit phped, the setting/snippet is lost.

We had a power cut that caused the PC to shut down, losing any changes i had made to the workspace, settings etc..

Also, when phped crashes:wink:, it would be nice to not lose any recent settings/workspace/snippet changes.

At the moment, it would appear that phped only saves this stuff when the program exits.

A better solution is to save settings every 5 - 10 mins or so, only if something that needs saving has been changed, or just commit at once.

I now exit and restart phped every hour (when i get a coffee), so that any changes are saved Very Happy
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all changes to Workspace and Projects are saved if Auto-Save Workspace is checked in Tools->Settings->IDE.
Changes in Tools->Settings are saved each time you click [OK].
If for whatever reason changes in Workspace or a Project are not saved, you'll see asterisk * mark right to their name in the Workspace window and you can click Save in the popup menu to save changes.

What I think maight happen in your power cut case is that OS rolled back uncommited/unfinished NTFS changes, so the files got their previous content.
This always happens automatically on OS startup. What you can do is uncheck write-back (additional caching) in disk settings. This may dramatically affect performance of HDD (not SDD), but you won't lose saved changes.

The PHP IDE team
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Periodically save settings!
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