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Parsed output-log lines..
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Allow me to explain a bit. I have a number of programs that I use in the IDE as extra 'plugins'. The output of these commands is captured in the log window (Redirect output stream to log window).

What I would love is the possibility to add a sort of 'grep' pattern string there as well that can capture line numbers from the output.

Lemme give you an example:
I have a PHP code analyzer tool at home and it's output are lines like this:
"N:\html\admin\houredit.php(line 9): Global variable 'FORMVARIABLES' is used without being assigned. You are probably relying on register_globals feature of PHP. Note that this feature is off by default."

What would be great is that you could do something in the sense of
%F(line %L) (just an idea)
And that phpED could parse this as being filename, linenumber and the rest as the message. That would allow me to double click on the log-line and jump to the appropriate line (and perhaps file too if that is parsed).
Hell, i'd settle for only the line number alone too Smile

I know you guys have a lot of work to do, so I'm not gonna make myself any illusions, but if you would consider the request, that would be cool, can be usefull for a number of other things too i guess.
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Parsed output-log lines..
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