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Open File Tab Bar suggestions

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I guess I've spent too much time configuring the tab bar in Firefox to be truly satisfied with the tab bar in PhpEd and I wish that it was easier to navigate the open files, so I have a few suggestions:

1. The ability to pin tabs to the left of the bar so that they don't scroll. Implemented as a 'pin/unpin to left' selection on the tabbar context menu.

2. A settings option to set a fixed maximum tab width

I realize that if you're using a 3rd-party control for the tabbar that these suggestions may not be feasible. But these might:

3. An option to have files that were opened by the debugger when stepping through code automatically closed at the end of the debugging session. And/or the ability to issue a single menu or context-menu command to close them. Perhaps with a settings option to keep files open that contain breakpoints when this command is issued.

4. In the dropdown file selector at the right of the tab bar, display the full path of the file on hover, just like the tabs. Or even a settings option to display the files with the full path. I work in symfony and there are many files open with the same name but in different locations.

Of course a settings option to have more than one row of tabs would be nice as well.

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Open File Tab Bar suggestions
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