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Negotiate Authentication nusoap.php

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Hello everyone.
I'm using library nusoap as a web service connection to negotiate authentication and looking at the code nusoap.php file, I see that is not covered by this authentication, authentication is only provided for Basic, Digest, and Certificate.

The code includes the Basic Authentication seems easy:

if ($authtype == 'basic') {
$this->outgoing_headers[ 'Authorization'] = 'Basic'. base64_encode (str_replace (':','',$username ).':'.$password);

I am now looking to integrate authentication Negotiate, but do not really know how to do this at the moment I have implemented the following code:

else if ($authtype == 'negotiate') {
$this->outgoing_headers[ 'Authorization'] = 'Negotiate'. base64_encode ($username. ' '. $password);

but I get this error when running the web service call:

SoapClient: Error: HTTP Error: Unsupported HTTP response status 400 Bad Request (SoapClient-> response has contents of the response)

I add more details nusoap debug if someone can help me.

soap_transport_http: HTTP header: Authorization: Negotiate dXNlciB1c2Vy
soap_transport_http: HTTP header: Content-Length: 613
soap_transport_http: wrote data to socket, length = 863
soap_transport_http: read line of 26 bytes: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request

If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks very much.
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Negotiate Authentication nusoap.php
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