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mysql_init, mysql_real_connect, mysql_real_query functions

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Hi dmitri...

Thank you for working so diligently to make PHPed such a great tool. I purchased in feb, along with a book "learn php in 10 minutes" Shocked and 4 1/2 months later have a good website up and running well. is a cool replacement for craigslist in your neighborhood.

I recently decided to change some of my code using mysql to use mysql_real_query and recoded my class. Unfortunately these function calls are undefined, and I can't figure out why.

mysql_connect(), mysql_query(), mysql_error ()and mysql_close() are defined somewhere because they are represented as blue type and work when I run the scripts.

when I changed them to mysql_init(), mysql_real_connect(), and mysql_real_query() they remain in black type and when I run the script it chokes at a fatal error: Call to undefined function mysql_init().

I am using php5.2.5 exclusively and phpinfo shows mysql version 5.0.51 for both mysql and mysqli.

I don't understand how some mysql calls are defined and some are not. Where are these functions defined? perhaps a lib file that is missing or not linked properly. And what is totally weird is that mysql_real_escape_string(stripslashes($str)) works just fine.

Any ideas how I can fix my problem?

Thanks in advance...steve
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I don't think mysql_init(), mysql_real_connect(), and mysql_real_query() are supported by PHP. Well, at least I do not see any references to them in the PHP manual. I do not think this is a PhpED problem Wink

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Right. Those functions are defined in mysql client API available in C language, but not in PHP. What you have in PHP is defined in php mysql extension, a library documented in PHP manual.

The PHP IDE team
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mysql_init, mysql_real_connect, mysql_real_query functions
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