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Yeasterday I download Zend beta 4 for testing and I thought that might be cool is some of the things could be incorporeted in new phpED maybe 3.4 or something. Also there is some ideas just from my head.

1. Better look. I saw that many programs out there change there "look" to be more clean and cooler. Here I mean for Icons, colors and stuff. Some of them also have option to add iconsets etc.

2. Fully PHP support with code completion. I also like this at Zend Studio. For example I type

$myclass = ne

it prints new and then I get list of PHP classes, and also my classes defined in project. Also there is nice support for phpdocumentor and I can see some info about the class etd. Look is also nicer than in phped

3. Better PHPDocs Support & PHPDocumentor Integration. I like the idea of a wizard in Zend studio, also it would be great if we have some sort of template for PHPDocs or form to enter data and then automaticaly make PHPdoc code. Syntax highlighting for PHPDoc comments, Code completion for PHPDoc tags in PHPDoc comments, also variables

4. Panes (debug etc. ) could be hidden and automaticaly shown when debuging is started. also errors. If not automatic it would be great to have some > which firefox or thunderbird have when you hide pane, then you can easy show it back

5. I think Status tray could be bellow everthing and if debug and error pane be automaticaly hidden theres no problem at all.

6. Better HTML and other language code completion.

7. code grouping with expand option with +. I don't know exact name of this. But for example VS.NET have this.

8. Optionable toolbar, so user can rearange icons, maybe in one line.

9. More tight integration to SVN or CVS

10. Better SQL client support especialy file type like SQLite

11. Code analyzer. Zend studio has done great job. It's not perfect but it's a start.

12. Integration of some Encoder

I think others have some other ideas so i'll make stop here Wink

My thoughts
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