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Multithreaded Transfers

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Hi Dimitri,

I am one of those very happy and merely silent (see nr of posts Rolling Eyes) customer of phpEd, which now is using this almost perfect PHP IDE for many years with big satisfaction.
But during all this time I was waiting for something to happen that would finally kick out a big annoyance which very often gets on my's the time I spend waiting for larger file transfers, especially when there are a lot of small files (take for example all those nice OS applications).

So I would like to request the following feature, hoping for a future implementation Smile

Multithreaded Transfer

The transfer should have the possibility to be configured to use N-MAX worker threads that provide the up-/download jobs.
Ideally the number of workers to use should be defined directly in the transfer window through a combobox within the transfer window top toolbar / bar.
A more flexible and advanced configuration scenario, could be the possibility to configure the amount of workers for up-/and downloads separately, considering async connections that could work at different rates.
If you want to be crazy Wink it could also be defined at FTP account level, so that different scenarios could be used for different servers (thinking i.e. about servers that are not amused having n-connections coming in from the same client).

If you take a look at the SmartFTP client application, they have a so called transfer queue (basically PhpEd already has it, since it's the window I was talking about), and the amount of workers is directly configurable using an easy and quick accessible combobox. Changing the amount of workers, does immediately effects the number of workers doing the job (in case of detraction, it will, of course, take effect as soon the running threads finish).

I apologize if this feature has been already requested, as I couldn't find anything similar using the search.

Best regards
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Multithreaded Transfers
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