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Looking for help with Smart Sync

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I am running the latest build of PhpEd v16 (16063 - 64 bit) and am having problems still will smart sync. I thought today was a good day to start from scratch to try and resolve this issue but i am still unsuccesful.

Basically what is happening is if I right-click on the Project folder (top of the folder tree in the Workspace panel) and select Publishing > Smart Sync, the popup window appears briefly and goes away again. In the Transfers log window it displays this message "No files were transferred (filtered or disallowed)".

Now if i do the same steps on any of the sub-folders within this project the smart-sync routine works properly as expected.

My conclusion here is PhpEd is not recursing into the sub-folders correctly when smart-sync is executed against the top-most / parent folder of the project. I know this used to work properly in v15 and am quite sure it quit for me after the upgrade to v16.

This morning I completely removed Phped from my workstation, and deleted all of the .ppj / .ppw files, and re-setup everything from scratch. The problem still persists. So this tells me there could be other registry entries or hidden config. files somewhere that I will also need to wipe clean or adjust. Although I still think there is a bug within the Sync functions inside PhpEd.

I have previously submitted support tickets to Nusphere on this topic and they were unable to reproduce the problem. I sort of left it alone and carried on with this issue on my system, but would like to get it resolved so that i can simply just run smart-sync against the entire project in a single click.

Any suggestions here?
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smae issue here

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I can confirm this exact same issue with PhpEd v16 (16063 - 64 bit) .
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Same issue for me as well.

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As both probc2 and marc322 state I'm having the same issue.

Here are some screen shots.

I'm currently using PhpEd v16 (16031 - 64 bit).

Update: Well I tried to add 2 images but they fail (using the 'Add image to post') link below.

Please contact me directly and I'll forward the screen shots.
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Looking for help with Smart Sync
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