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license loading problems (am I missing something?)

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Hi guys,

My dev runs on xp/apache2.2/php5.2.5/phpexpress-php-5.2.dll

I have some kind of an issue with license loading. The documentation is a bit unclear about this as well (section 8.2 How to load license). This is the error message I keep getting:
Fatal error: Failed to load encoded file (C:\xampp\htdocs\test_encoded\phpexpress_test.php) license error (0001): no license loaded in C:\xampp\htdocs\test_encoded\phpexpress_test.php on line 0

This example uses just two test files:

I managed to load license by using:
1. auto-load license (files encoded with protection enabled and autoload license option)
2. .htaccess + apache config files - vhosts etc (files encoded with protection enabled)
php_value phpexpress.add_license "_license1.txt"

I was unable to load license:
1. from php.ini
Nothing worked:


2. from encoded (but NOT protected) php file
$a = pelm_load_license("_license1.txt");

pelm_load_license returns bool (true), but api functions pelm_license_filename(); pelm_get_attribute('test_attr'); ... they all return false! Sad
Am I supposed to use them? I am missing the point of loading license on script runtime.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards
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license loading problems (am I missing something?)
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