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Help With NuSoap! Works with PHP5 but not PHP4 and nusoap!

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I have a server written using PHP5's native SoapServer:

$soap = new SoapServer("",array("soap_version" => SOAP_1_2));

I have a PHP5 client that connects beautifully to it using the following code (calling the simple add function):

$client = new SoapClient("");
$response = $client->Add(array("Key"=>"MYKEY","ItemA"=>"3","ItemB"=>"4"));

It all works well until I install the latest nusoap on a server else where in order to consume the service from a remote server using nusoap as it is running PHP 4.XXX

When I call the following code (Nusoap has been required and included properly):

$client = new nusoap_client("",true);
$response = $client->call("Add",array("Key"=>"MYKEY","ItemA"=>"3","ItemB"=>"4"));
print_r($response );

I get the following output:

Array ( [faultcode] => SOAP-ENV:Server [faultstring] => Procedure 'Add' not present )

Anyone shed any light on this? It's driving me nuts. I never seem to have any luck trying to work with nusoap !


This is what my Services class looks like:

class Services
private function Authenticate($key)
return ($key=="MYKEY");

function StoreAmazonCheckout($params)
$result = new SimpleResult();

$authenticated = $this->Authenticate((string)$params->Key);

$items = unserialize((string)$params->SerializedItems);

foreach($items as $item)

# successful insert
# response is -1 cause it didnt authenticate
else $result->SetResult(-1);

return array("StoreAmazonCheckoutResult"=>$result);

# in development
function AmazonSearch($params)
global $Amazon;
$keywords = (string)$params->Keywords;
$index = (string)$params->Index;
$page = (string)$params->Page;
if(!$page) $page = 1;
$data = $Amazon->ItemSearch($keywords,$index,$page);


function Add($params)
$result = new SimpleResult();
$a = intval($params->ItemA);
$b = intval($params->ItemB);
return array("AddResult"=>$result);

class SimpleResult
var $Result = "0";
function SetResult($v) { $this->Result = $v; }
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Help With NuSoap! Works with PHP5 but not PHP4 and nusoap!
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