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Gode generation

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I have been a huge fan of my PhpED IDE. One enhancement I would LOVE to see is some of the code generation stuff that Eclipse does for Java currently and plans to do for PHP late this year. These things are mentioned below.

Generate getters & setters - In eclipse you can choose this option from inside a file and you will be prompted for which instance variable to generate getters & setters. At this point you can select any or all and whalla, they are auto-generated.

Refactor - You can highlight a variable, method, class, file name, etc., and select the option to refactor. From there you can rename and/or move the selected item and the system would do two things. 1) show you all files (and places in files) having references to those items reflected as part of the change; 2) a prompt to continue, in which it would automatically propegate the changes for you.

These enhancements would be stellar and something I would look for when my PhpED license expired. I, like most others that post here, love this product and am hoping to use it for a long time. It has certainly helped me progress as a php developer.

I would also be more than willing to help out with defining this if desired.

Thank you
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Gode generation
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