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Find File Tool

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When working with large projects simply locating the file you want to work on can be time consuming by expanding folders (either in the Workspace tab or the Code Explorer tab). One of the simplest ways to make this much easier would be to provide one of two options:

1. The nicest thing would be to create a new dialog window called "Find Files" where you could start typing a filename and all of the files that matched that name would be shown in a list below, with the up and down arrows allowing you to select one and the enter key opening it. The textmate editor on OSX does this, and it makes finding files super fast.

2. Make it so there is a keyboard shortcut in the Code Exploerer tab to jump into the search box. Right now you can assign a shortcut to select the Code Explorer tab, or to find the next matching item, or the previous matching item, but there is no keyboard way of jumping into the search box to change what you are looking for. This obviously wouldn't be quite as nice at option 1 since you wouldn't see all matching files in a list, but at least you could find a way to jump to a file.

I know that it is almost, sort of possible to "search" the workspace and code explorer tabs, but there is no visual information as to what you have typed and it is constantly making a bell noise if you mistype something or it can't find what you are looking for. In addition, this type of search only seems to look after the file you have currently selected, so you have to move back to the root of the project before you can search again.

Now these are different than finding the contents of a file, that functionality works great, but is cumbersome if I know I just want to open "example.css".

In one sense this may not seem super important since it isn't much of new functionality, however it would make using the program so much simpler for those who prefer to mostly use the keyboard.
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I think a dialog for finding files is not what we need.
What would rock is to have a sort of instant searchbox in the workspace pane. You could jump to it with a shortcut and when you start typing it would filter out all non matches.
The navig keys (up, down, pgup, pgdn etc) would work for navigating the remaining files.
Pretty much like what we already have in the Code navigator and the Code Explorer pane, but then instant (instead of having to press the search button)
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I would be fine with that. All I really want is a fast way to use only the keyboard and jump to a file that I know the name of. Any user-friendly method to accomplish that goal would be amazing.
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The workspace filter would be nicer, I posted this suggestion years back but no interest for it yet.
I am just glad some one else is working in huge file count projects too and need the filter Smile

Also, current jump to a file by quick tying the name is not working at times after you navigate with arrow keys up/down, you have to hide/show workspace window again... any idea?
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The first way willbond describes is available in Eclipse and it was a good&quick feature. It would be great if this could be implemented soon.
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Find File Tool
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