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Editor Shortcut custom blank

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Following an upgrade to version 11 (11018) all of a sudden my backspace, delete and tab (as well as other keys) no longer work.

I took a look in Settings > Editor > Editor Shortcuts and found that my key mapping was set to 'Custom'. This is because I had custom defined a few keystrokes.

If I set this back to 'Default' all works. But I still need to define a few custom keystrokes. So I use 'Default' and set my custom keystrokes and click 'Ok'. All workes as expected, but if I go into the Edtor Shortcuts I see the key mapping is now 'Custom' (which I expected), but the values that I added are not there and all entries in this key map are blank. It's as if the mapping from 'Default' was not succesfully copied to 'Custom'.

This has happened in the past.

Any thoughts?
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Same problem here, I can't even use the cursor keys after the upgrade... Evil or Very Mad

There's not one shortcut left in the "Custom" key mapping; the list is there, but the "Shortcut(s)" column is completely empty.

As dagget said, I can use the "Default" key mapping and even define new custom shortcuts, but the "Shortcut(s)" column is once again empty when opening the settings again.

It would be nice if this could be fixed this as soon as possible.

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I submitted a bug report yesterday about cursor and modifier keys not working after going into project settings. For me, quitting PhpEd and then opening it again restored key function, doubt it will fix the resetting issue though.

Just had an email back about my ticket and apparently a fix is incoming, they hope to provide it in the next build.
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I've made a ticket about this on Monday with the same answer. Waiting for the fix of this annoying bug.

By default, not even the arrow keys can be used...
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Sorry for this trouble. It was fixed in 11020.
If you use any earler version, just open Tools->Settings->Editor shortcuts and select Default (or anything else except "custom", it's custom caused the problem)

The PHP IDE team
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Editor Shortcut custom blank
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