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Does NuSphere return your phone calls?

Joined: 05 Mar 2008
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I've evaluated PhpED and it looks like a good product, but I wanted to talk to someone at NuSphere about the different packages before spending good money? The only number I have for them is (859) 288-4505 which is a recording to leave a message and they will get back with me. Well, I've done that twice and no return call yet.

This worries me about their customer support. I'd like to think that this is just an aberration, but I have no way of telling.

So the question to the user community is what's been your experience to NuSphere's response to problems? Good, bad or what?
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Support is provided by email. First you need to post your request and/or report using this form
Support team will respond shortly. Normally withing 6hours or less. We advertize our response time of 1 working day.
Regarding other people opnion, let's see what they tell Smile

The PHP IDE team
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Joined: 04 Mar 2008
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Hi, well I haven't had any problems yet since I'm a new customer and just made a purchase of PhpEd Pro yesterday but I had some questions just like you about things. I initially used the contact link that Dmitri just gave in his post and Yury from the support team replied back to me in less than half an hour. We corresponded by email after that and he answered all my questions no problem and his reponse time was less than 5 minutes each time. To say the least I was impressed and made the purchase. The whole process went smooth from start to finish and I'm very pleased with the product as well, hope that helps. Smile
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I have been using PHPed for about two years now and their support is amazing. They may not have banks of operators standing by to take your call, but they do respond to EVERY call and email. More importantly, the guys who respond are the ones who built the product. So they actually know what they are talking about. Not like getting some fifth string support person who has to get a manager who still doesn't know anthing so they get their manager.... blah blah blah....

If you ask PHPed folks a question, they will answer. I know that Dmitri personally reads *Every* single post on these forums. And, they respond very quickly to their email support. I have had various issues over the last two years, mostly due to the complexity of the codebase where I work, or to my lack of knowledge of the PHPed and the Debugger. In every situation, they have bent over backwards to help me get it worked out. And, because they know the product so well, they are usually able to answer the question in the first or second email.

Now, as if stellar response times and high quality answers (not guesses) were not enough, they also release new versions about every 2-3 weeks (often times sooner). So, if there is a bug in the software, it will be addressed VERY quickly, and a patch that fixes the problem will be released.

Finally, they also listen to their customers for new features. If you have an idea for a feature that would improve the product, they will listen. Of course they look to the majority to determine what features would be best to implement, but most of the new features that make it into PHPed come from us.

Do not hesitate my friend. I got my entire team at work using the software and they love it too. I have tried every major PHP editor that is out there and most minor ones too. This is the real deal.

Thank you for listening to my rant ... when I saw this I had to respond!

Thank you,

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Hi bnortonEZ,

I can also agree to rodericksimpson that the guys from NuSphere have the best support (and products) I´ve seen so far.

Dmitri, Yfactor and the rest of the NuSphere team spend a lot of time to respond to every single request and as roderick told before, they know what they are talking about and the tips and answers you will get are always great and of big help. Yesterday f.ex. I´ve asked Dmitri a few questions regarding phpExpress via email and minutes later the response was in my inbox, also some additional questions were answered immediately. That´s the "normal" way NuSphere supports their customers and I can say this is outstanding!

So I personally can highly recommend NuSphere in general, their support and all of their products (I use registered versions of phpEd, NuCoder & phpDock) to every serious PHP Developer.
You will get great mature and stable products, perfect support and a lot of innovation for a real small price, now it´s up to you to come to a right decision Wink

Kind regards
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The nuSphere team is available and helpful!

Joined: 06 Mar 2008
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Comparing nuSphere service to industry standards, i must say the nuSphere is amazing. They are available and responsive. Always willing to help. We purchased 13 licenses of PHPEd and various other items across their product line and i'm very impressed.!

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Re: Does NuSphere return your phone calls?

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bnortonEZ wrote:
This worries me about their customer support. I'd like to think that this is just an aberration, but I have no way of telling.
So the question to the user community is what's been your experience to NuSphere's response to problems? Good, bad or what?

Hi bnortonEZ,

Here is the short answer: EXCELLENT! ++ response to problems. Here's a short story. I had a little tiny snafu in my account. There was some confusion via e-mail with the NuSphere folks about how long I had left on my subscription for renewals. It really wasn't a big deal since I trust NuSphere completely. The next day THEY CALLED ME! That's right I didn't have to call them, their customer service folks called me to ensure me that everything was OK. This is a true story. When is the last time a software company called you to provide customer service rather than sell you something? I continue to be amazed by this company!

I am not affiliated with the company in any way. Just like you, I'm simply a consumer of their products (all of them). The reason for the disclaimer is because it always "sounds" like I must work for them because I give them such huge praise.

I've been working in the industry for more than 2 1/2 decades and have seen many companies come and go. This company understands what customer service is all about. They know what their core competency is and they stick to it. That allows their product base to constantly get better incrementally without destroying itself. The terms of their license are amazingly flexible. I can finally code where and when I want without the restrictions the "other" companies place on me!

There is not a single request I've made that has gone unanswered...ever...period. The answers are timely, relevant and usually the ones I want. Occasionally the development teams says no (once maybe), but that is for technical feasibility reasons or intellectual property reasons rather than anything else.

I have paid for their products and they appreciate that support. If you're expectations are unrealistic then you may be disappointed. For instance, some folks who have never paid for any NuSphere product come to the forums and expect to get an answer to a forum post in 12 minutes to questions about the free versions of phpdbg etc. If you're respectful, patient, and reasonable knowing this is a small software company not having the resources of Adobe then customer service won't be any concern. You'll likely be more concerned about how overwhelmed you are with the feature set! Cool

Please PM me or e-mail me if you have any questions at all,

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Joined: 13 Feb 2008
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I would have to say I have had phped now for about 4 months. I have gotten my answers right here on the forum from the admins within hours. I even emailed them a question directly after posting it on the forums and received a kind response of "we answered your question on the forums" Smile

In essence, post your question on the forums, they have not failed me yet.
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Joined: 15 Aug 2003
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Hi there,

As one of the older customers of PHPEd and I think judging by my own experience as a software developer - one of the more demanding ones - I feel obligated to respond...

I have been using PHPEd for around 5 years now, and in the past year I have been using it on a beta-tester license. Throughout this time I was always pleased with the level of service. I now get a much lower rate of my requests fullfilled as a beta-tester, since I bombard them with almost any idea that comes to my mind. But I am still occasionally surprised about something they actually say yes to. You'll also notice that to a lot of questions posted here one of the first responses (if not the first, like in this thread) is from one of the lead developers. So the team is very much in touch with what's going on in it's community of users and very responsive to questions. In terms of licensing, they have always shown great flexibility and desire to make things simple for me as a customer either by myself or representing the company I was working for at the time.

I short they get an A++ for customer relations. You won't be sorry.
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Their support is top-notch. When evaluating their product, they responded quickly to my e-mail requests and help setting up the debugger. I wasn't even a paying customer, but took up at least 30 minutes of Dmitri's time just to try out the software. The response to my initial e-mail was quick and each subsequent e-mail was even faster. That's why I decided to purchase phped.
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Joined: 01 Mar 2006
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Not sure, never called them Wink. I had one issue that I submitted to support, they answered and fixed in the next release which happened to be a couple days later.
I checked my account to see how long I'd been using it but couldn't find a start date, feels like years, at least 2 maybe 3. This product is so good that I don't even notice it's there.
I just use it and it just works. The only time I ever have to stop what I'm doing because of PHPEd is to install a new update.
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Joined: 23 Jun 2008
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Is there any help out there
I have been struggling trying to get a working PHPED IDE about twelve months ago failed miserably and
shelved the idea after the responce support usually Install it again and supply printouts of problems
and errors reported.
After reading glowing reports on the web & forums etc decided to give it another try, purchased the product
then Installed it 4 times over the last 3 months but each install brings about a fresh set of problems
Currently have V 5.242 and the recent Techplat + mysql all installed and working. getting it to work as an IDE is the problem
Recent contact with support resulted in the same "install it again responce"
I suppose if I kept the same user name as previous, support would maybe
made more progress.
But if anyone out there has completed a succesful Install on Windows Vista
I would be willing to pay ( not commercial rates ) for help getting started
Please PM me in confidence if you can help

Even a YES Im Fully up and running From a successfull Vista PHPED installer wounld boost my confidence


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Does NuSphere return your phone calls?
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