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Debugging included html-files

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I try to debug a CMS, in which PHP includes HTML-templates with the file-extension "html5". These templates contain PHP-code and I can set a breakpoint in the IDE but the debugger doesn't stop at the breakpoint but only in files with the extension "php". Is there a possibility to change this bevaviour?

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It depends on how the CMS is executing the PHP. If the CMS uses PHP include() or require(), then use it is possible to debug. If the CMS loads the PHP from the files and uses eval() on the contents then you cannot debug.

For example, in Magento the template files have a file extension of .phtml which is not directly executable by PHP (eg as a web request) but I can put breakpoints in those files and because Magento uses include/require then those files do run through PHP and do allow debugging.

Which CMS are you debugging and how does it include template files?

You have probably already done this, but check you have *.html5 listed in Settings > IDE > Associations next the PHP Type.
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Debugging included html-files
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