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Debug Session Lost With Junction

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OS: Windows 8.1, PhpED 15.0 (Build 15012, 64bit)

I needed to relocate my source code to a new volume. The source was originally located under:


I moved the source to:


To avoid invalidating the original configurations, I created a directory junction to make the new path appear to be unchanged:

xcopy /s D:\Src\* S:\
ren D:\Src D:\Src.OLD
mklink /J D:\Src S:\

I opened my PhpEd project using the original path D:\Src\Web\ and everything seemed to be fine. I could edit all the files and step through a page using the debugger.

The problem is that when I jump from the first page to a second page, the debugger loses the debug session and no longer stops at any breakpoints in the second page. I noticed the URL no longer contains the DBGSESSID values.

I have "Debug Sessions" enabled in the project settings. I have no problem debugging the first page.

There is a clue in rerunning the Project Settings Wizard. It reports an error when testing the debugger:

Error: (-143) executed file is from different directory (S:\Web\pub\) than expected (D:\Src\Web\pub\)

I suspect that the server is trying to determine the real path to the source file, coming up a different path than the project settings and deciding to drop the debug session. This is, unfortunately, the wrong answer.

If I remove the junction from the path, copy the exact project files to D:\Src\Web\ the debugger works as expected. It seems PhpEd debugger is confused by directory junctions.

Pending a future fix, is there a workaround that will allow me to debug through multiple pages while continuing to use the junction? The junction makes life easier in many other respects.
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One possibility is that it is PHP itself that is causing the problem, because DBG might get file information via PHP. There are some PHP settings that do specifically affect symbolic links and on Windows I guess that would include junctions, so PHP does need to identify the original locations of files.

Might be worth reporting this one to NuSphere support.

I've moved files a few times, but access them through a network share and that seems to work fine.
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Debug Session Lost With Junction
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