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I'm using the DB-FORM wizard which has worked fine for me in the past. Quick and Easy. I am now trying to generate a new form for use on mysql / php7 system. I note that I need to include the file which I have used from the library directory. The forms are failing as it appears the is making php5 calls instead of php7 mysqli coding. Does anyone have a replacement file that will work with php7 that they could share ?

Any help appreciated.

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This library has not been updated since 2012. It uses MySQL extension which has been deprecated on PHP7 and soon removed. Instead it should use the replacement MysQLi.

This is a small library (80 lines), with the PHP reference manual at one side, it should not take more than 15 minutes to rewrite it to use MySQLi.

My point of view about those wizards most of them are outdated for modern PHP (DB wizard, NuSoap). The only ones that works for me are the project setup and the debugger wizard for obvious reason. If you look around on Github you will find some replacement for those outdated libraries.
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