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CRTL + SHIFT = select with following space

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I'm try to setup NuSphere to not select following space(s) after a word.
for example I move cursor in the begining of the word and ... :
1. try to select word by doble clicking, the result -> only word is selected (correct)

2. hold down CTRL + SHIFT and the press right arrow -> the word is selected and also the next following space(s) (incorrect)

I want to known is there a option that control this behaviour and if this option exists how to disable it.
I need to select only word by holding down CTRL + SHIFT + (Left / Right) Arrow like in example 1.
Thanks in advance Smile
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Ctrl+Right - means jump to next word or delimiter. So it jumps to equal sign which is a delimiter next to the word under cursor. If you hold Shift key while pressing this shortcut, it also selects all text the cursor passed.
What you're looking for is Ctrl+K, T. This two stage shortcut is for selecting just a word under cursor.

The PHP IDE team
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I think PhpED has the best implementation of word select out of the editors I've used.

Most editors *do* select the spaces after the word, which is probably more often correct because if you are removing that word, you probably don't want the trailing spaces. Notepad++ is the only one that didn't.

However, all of the other editors that I tried will select a leading $ separately to the rest of the word and required extra key presses, whereas PhpED treats it as one word. One of the reasons I like the PhpED editor over others (in most respects) is that it does handle PHP syntax better than the generic editors.

It would possibly be nice that once a whole word has been selected including the spaces, doing a ctrl+shift+right to go back would first jump to the end of the word, so it would then be easy to exclude the extra spaces.
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CRTL + SHIFT = select with following space
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