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Congratulations & quick questions

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First of all, I'd just say 2 words : "Finally" and "Congratulations !".

Indeed, my company waited for that product for so long... and finally, it came as a Christmas gift !

2 quick questions :

1) Will it be possible to configure the message displayed in case of PhpExpress missing on a server ('cause the default one is rather long and I'd like a shorter one) ?

2) How is it possible to configure the files copied in the destination folder ? 'Cause for example, in my installation, php filenames extensions are .php5 and by default the encoder only encodes .php and .inc; if I add the option '--ext php5', it seems that the php5 files are encoded but not copied in the destination folder... 'cause the only workaround is to add the '--copyall' option, but I don't want to copy for instance the .svn files.
So, it would be great if there was an option to specify a list of filenames extensions that I want to copy, and another option to avoid some other extensions in case of overall directory copy (just like the "Hide directories" in the Project properties of PhpEd).

Thanks in advance, merry Christmas & happy New Year to all the Nusphere crew !
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All you asked about is planned for version 2.0.
Regarding copying files, it either copy all or nothing, no filters are in version 1, and you're correct about --ext php5. In v2 it will be possible to ignore directories and/or files.

merry xmas!

The PHP IDE team
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Congratulations & quick questions
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