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Configuring the server

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I am new to PHPEd and need some help configuring everything with my environment.

Basic Requirement:
1) Run the PHPEd IDE on my windows box and configure it to connect to my apache,mysql,php etc which is running on my linux box.

I have only installed the PHPEd IDE and not the Technology platform.

I have tried to mess around with the server settings but with no success.
Any help would be great.


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Instructions are quite strightforward.
You need Apache and PHP properly installed,
regardless you use TechPlatform or OS-supplied packages or even compiled them yourself.
While version of Apache does not really matter, PHP should be 4.0.6 through 4.3.2.
Suppose, you have Apache + PHP up and running.
Now it's time to run the simplest sctipt
and make sure where your php.ini and extension_dir. First one can be seen in the topmost header, latter in the table below.
After that you have to edit php.ini and add the following entries somewhere below extension_dir line:

It's assumed that you run php 4.3.2, if you have another version you'd correct extension= line appropriately.
Then go to debugger subdirectory of phped installed on your windows box and find there dbg archive for Linux. Unpack it and copy to directory specified by extension_dir setting. If this setting is a relative path for example ./, you'd assume that this path is relative to the directory where httpd daemon runs.

Restart Apache and make sure that dbg extension is listed both in the header and its own section.

If anything wrong happens, please first inspect Apache error_log.
Then if you can't get what to do post your message in this forum.
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Configuring the server
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