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Yes, this would be a great feature. It would be best if it was triggered by something with a comment like //#region and //#endregion so the files will still parse and can be used in other editors.

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Blizz wrote:
Agreed. In combination with a little more detailed folding by default (if, for, foreach, while, ...) that would solve every "complaint" about the codefolding so far and would also save the NuSphere gents the effort of having to find something to store custom folds (if they were planning on doing so of course)

The idea of storing folding information is one of the things I don't like about the current implementation (don't get me wrong, code folding in and of itself is so much better than no folding). I like the idea of being able to have the code read by other editors and understand that code should be folded at certain user defined regions, no matter which editor the code was created with. The only way to do that is to make a 'region' directive part of PHP language and/or failing that, define how comments should be formulated to indicate such a thing.
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Sure, but the remark about the storing was just because I have been following reactions on the subject and it seems a lot of people want to be able to store those custom folds. I for one don't.
If folding is expanded to include every "block" statement, that would suffice more then enough for me.

Personally I think what you talk about is never been done in any language simply because the amount of people that would use it would be so smallish it ain't worth the effort (which doesn't mean I'm against it anyway)
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Code folding - try again?
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