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Auto close of tags

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Most of the time, i don't want the </div> to appear straight away when i open a <div> tag... What I want is when i type the </ it will check back for the last unclosed tag that i've opened and auto-close that for me.


      <span class="demo">Hello</span>
      <input type="text" name="test" value="test" />

now... typing </ here will insert my </div> tag as the <div> was the last unclosed tag

then... typing </p again will then insert the </body> tag for me.
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I too got used to working like this in Dreamweaver 8 - it's actually very handy when you come to debug complicated html layouts where you've forgotten to close a div somewhere, or just typed <div> instead of </div> An option to switch the autocomplete type would be great !

Now I don't know if PhpED does it already but what would be REALLY handy would be the ability for it to highlight the end tag when you're over the start tag and vice-versa, like it does with brackets but with HTML tags too. i.e. if i'm over a <div> it would highlight the corresponding </div> for me.

Just an idea !
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Auto close of tags
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